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Everyone plays many roles in their own lives, such as: our own identity, parents, wives, students, nurses, etc. But no matter how many identities we play, we should respect every identity we have. Because each of our identities represents ourselves. This respect, I have never noticed before, I think it is just a requirement for every identity. So think of this requirement as respect, never thought so. But when I saw the medical nursing intern standing next to me, her hair was messy and yellow, her hands were full of red nails, her hands and wrists were carrying colorful bracelets, and everything stimulated my nerves. So, I looked for a mirror and looked at myself from head to toe. The black hair was not messed up, the nurse dressed neatly, and there was no bright metal decoration on the whole body. Oh, forgot, chest. There is a pocket watch in front. The skin that is exposed to the outside seems to be the original color. The same is the identity of medical care, why is it so different. This difference is more irritating to my thinking. Let me think of the word respect. It also extended me to respect for identity and respect for myself. So, I seriously thought about this respect. Before that, I will tell my students that you are a student. This dress is not in line with the student's norms. At this moment, you are still a nurse, and it is not in line with the nurse's makeup requirements. Yes, everything does not meet the requirements for violation of the norm. We have never considered or noticed, why are we asking for specifications? Why do we have to do so much in advance in the process of many identity conversions Cheap Newport 100S Free Shipping. Some people will say that it is to maintain each identity image Newport Red 100 Online, yes. We maintain the image of each and every identity. It is actually our respect for each of our identities. It is also that we respect and respect ourselves. Once, my parents took me to work in the field. I am also very happy, thinking about so many people in the field Marlboro 100'S Carton. I will see myself working for my parents and I am more proud. So, for this pride, I wore my favorite pink skirt. When I first arrived at the ground, my father called me and asked me to do it. I said happily, you are too hard to help you. The father said nothing, let me go to the ground to help him get something for him. I was so happy that I couldn��t be happy again when I was halfway up. When I returned to my father, my legs were itchy and painful, and the skirt was covered with wheat spurs. Hurry to report to my father and go home. Father asked me to go home and do it? I shyly told my father to go home and change clothes. The father��s face was not happy, but he still calmly told me that there must be something to dress up. Whenever you want to figure out your identity, know the dress and attire that match this identity. At that time, I only knew that I had made a mistake, but I did not know that from the moment I chose the skirt Dirt Cheap Cigarettes Free Shipping, I did not respect that I was going to play the role of a peasant at the time, and I did not respect myself. When we are on vacation, we slept late, then put on our most beautiful clothes to go shopping, or find friends to relax. When we do this, I am respectful of my own identity, because now, now We are our own identity. I respect this identity, so I let this identity do what I want to do. When we were at home, taking off our suits, unloading delicate makeup, starting to cook for our children, cleaning the house, etc., our identity is a wife, or any identity in the family. When we take off our suits and unload delicate makeup, we are respectful of the wife, or any identity in the family. Students put up their hair, put down their toys, put on the clean and neat school uniforms, picked up their schoolbags, and walked into the campus to study. At this moment, our standard makeup and the equipment are also our respect for the identity of students. Nurses or other job identities are the same. When we wear white coats, wearing swallow-tail caps, and removing beautiful bracelets, studs, and henna, we also have a high respect for our identity. Our identity has been going back and forth. In the conversion, whenever we want to convert to the next identity, and put on the matching costume, and draw the matching makeup, it is our respect for this identity and respect for ourselves. When we do what we do in each identity Cheap Newport Shorts Free Shipping, we not only respect our identity, respect ourselves, but also respect others. Therefore, respecting each of our own identity means respecting ourselves. .

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