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A psychologist once said: "Parents' love for children includes two aspects that are especially indispensable. The first one is when you are a child, you must try to give him thoughtfulness and care; but the child is an adult. After that, be sure to be able to keep a distance with them very consciously so that they can become more independent and develop better Marlboro Cigarettes. Although I have not experienced a lot, but because of my work, I also learned that the current parents are for the children. Pampering makes children lose a lot of things. These include self-care ability in life, ability to judge things and their own understanding, etc. A student I know once told me that when a family member is on a business trip Newport Cigarettes Coupons, When he called takeaway or eat instant noodles, because he couldn't cook, even the most basic egg fried rice was a problem. I was wondering why this was the case. If I knew that this would be the result of thinking as a parent, It��s fortunate that society has changed so well, even if it doesn��t work, but if you have money, you can solve the problem? Or you should reflect on yourself. Is the law correct? We are going to love the children but we have to use the right method. There is also a way for the children to face their own way, do not know how to choose. Because I am doing enrollment work, when Every year, when parents fill out their volunteers, parents will consider such a few points. The first family has this relationship, so that the child can have a good job after graduation. The second is that I have to learn this long time for the child to study this major Marlboro Gold. I want to say that your parents are not wrong, but have you considered your child like this? You need to know that this is a child who spends three to four years studying, if not for him or her, then the university During the period, it was just a waste of time for them, so what I want to say is that the children themselves have to judge by themselves Cigarettes For Sale. They can discuss with the family but the last road is to choose by themselves. Maybe some people will say that you are like this. Say that the family does not agree with us, so it is necessary to think that the most important thing between people is communication, talk to family members. After all, the family is Hello, so as long as you have enough reason they will support you. I believe that many of my parents are faced with the above situation. In your time, you can get a return as long as you pay, but now the society You want to be more clear to me in this 20-year-old boy Online Cigarettes. This is a society in which the fittest survives. The pay will not necessarily pay off, but it will not pay off. So we should give more to the children. Opportunities allow them to get exercise so that when they leave the society, they can integrate themselves into the society more quickly. Similarly, as a child, you have to let yourself be able to live a good job in the future. Inside, go out and experience the life of the society, and go to the book to charge your brain. Because there is a saying that books are the ladder of human progress. I believe that there is nothing that the book can't give us the answer. Just want to give it here. As a suggestion of your parents, give your child a little space when they want to go out and have a look Why don't you try to give them such an opportunity, although it is dangerous for them, but when they successfully complete the trip, it is not a happy thing for you. Isn't it a success? In this society, give them more space so that they can learn something you can't teach them in this space. Perhaps this is also a kind of love for them.
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