#1 I see it as a positive influence von usasmokingsale 09.08.2019 09:38

AR: I see it as a positive influence because I see people in the Caribbean coming to me and saying, "Put you whites on!" They say, "We need to see you out there because we are fed up with the quality of cricket we are getting from the West Indies team." They are yearning for some positive cricket. They believe that with our influence something positive will come out.

What I'd really love the CPL to do, as I have said from the first year Cheap Cigarettes Online USA, is to assist with the development of the younger players. I'd love to see that. They can get the former players involved in developing and mentoring the younger players. Organise a camp in St Lucia, and a lot of the former players can come in and help develop the players in St Lucia and Windward Islands. It may just be ten or 15 players but they could become the nucleus of the Zouks team.

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