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She always involuntarily gave birth to a feeling of grief. There may be no reason, or maybe there is, she could not find her thinking: "Why do I always live so hypocritical?" She has always catered to everyone's emotions, actually ridiculous She didn't even know that she had lived in this way for many years. Is it true that she may be, maybe not. So, if not, what about me, what should I be? Thinking about it, she almost had tears. This terrible feeling made her feel that her heart could not reach peace. Even at home, in her own room, she was sad and involuntarily. "This is not my place of belonging!" She shouted in her heart for the need. She felt more and more abandoned when she tried to do well. She thinks she needs a holiday Newport 100S, because it really can't stand it. This summer, I especially want to have a flower skirt. I haven't crossed the skirt for seven or eight years. It seems that my companions are like this. At a certain age, they no longer love fancy laces and laces, and even sneer at them, thinking that this is a sign that makes them look childish. This is almost a law. But now it has matured enough to go to the street. Sometimes when we are called "auntie" by children, we start to miss it again. I wrote this wish into the diary. My diary was never locked for less than a week, it was realized in the style I liked, and the knee-length pleated skirt is almost unstoppable, I wear it to go to the tutorial class. Today, I am very confident in all the way. I feel that everyone passing by has stopped on me and stayed on my skirt. Zhang Yueran said: "This is a review." But this is really unfortunate, I I forgot that the two girls I hate the most in this cram school today are present. One second before I stepped into the door, I was still sighing unfortunately - "Wow, how do you dress like this today!" A always likes to exaggerate the expression, but let me tell you that her expression is too much When she said this, her eyes stared at my skirt, and her deliberately wide eyes were more difficult to hide. I now have two choices and different results. I don��t really want this. I love me more. Ah. "It��s not good to look at." I was frustrated with a look. "Yeah, I said that you dressed up with the consultation, I am a person who is at the cutting edge." I listened and sneered in my heart. Originally, this year's fashion is thick bangs and face acne. How can I not know that A is attached: "This kind of skirt is not something that can be controlled by people like you. It has to be white skin!" Come over and put on my arm, I admit, the color difference is obvious. But this kind of slim skirt can't be stuffed with fat. "Well, I will." I smiled humbly. I am satisfied with the nod. Don't think that I am weak, I was not like this. It is growth, it teaches me to be forbearing, even if the thoughts in my heart and the actual behaviors are more and more contrary, it does not matter, because I have to give myself a road that is as flat as possible, I think: others do not necessarily like themselves, but try not to let others I hate myself more. But I really don't want to go back like this, so I chose BB "What's wrong?" I asked A "Your skin is so dark and wearing a floral dress!" Her expression is more exaggerated, and some disdain forgot to explain In fact, I am not too dark, and the skin color is similar to that of B. It��s just that it��s better than wearing it for you, and then it��s good for you to explode.�� I laughed and the students around me laughed loudly. A's face rose red, and it took a long time to come up with a sentence: "Do you think you look good? Black is like carbon!" I didn't say anything, and put my arm on the side of B, she immediately rose red. Face, and there is a trend to catch up with Super A: "Do you think you look good? Didn't you hear that 'white is ugly, a fat ruin all'? This fat is still wearing stripes, you don't know that fat people wear stripes to look more Fat? Looks like a pig is still stupid like a pig's face is getting more and more ugly Newport Cigarettes, no longer talking, stunned B, buried his face in the arms, then of course I have to install people: "Okay, you guys Don't be like this, everyone is a friend, just kidding. A raised his head violently: "Who is the same person who is like a rotten face. The anger that has just been extinguished is ignited by A. I am arguing, although I don't want the fisherman to profit, I also calculated my tone Cheap Cigarettes. The long-standing anger has piled up in my heart, and I have collapsed several times. I don��t want to do this again. I can��t live again. The originhaps the scenery is more beautiful, the sun is warmer, the end point is better.
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