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Wu Zhigen, Yuejiao, my hometown, the quiet town. Qinglong Bridge is also on the river that has been flowing for thousands of years. The slate is no longer neat, and the structure is loose. Only the small branches that are found in the stone crevices are strong and tenacious. Under the bridge, under the big tree of Gaojia Courtyard, a generation of high-ranking family members talked about the story inside and outside the town Cigarettes For Sale, talking about the short parents under the Qinglong Bridge. It is not known when the Qinglong Bridge was built. However, some things in Qinglong Bridge have been circulating, even if the years have not been annihilated. Qinglong Bridge never forgot the gunshots of the sundial seventy-six years ago, and never forgot the night sky of the glory of the high homes. The Qinglong Bridge in the fire saw a teenager in a corner, and his pupil had the enmity and anger that ignited with the flame. The hard-won inheritance of more than one hundred years, in this short but long night, turned into dust, dispersed in the air, lost in troubled times. Qinglong Bridge witnessed a ruin. She couldn't do anything. She could only sigh and wait for the long years to heal it. The water is constantly flowing, and the blink of an eye is another spring and summer. The boy bent in the green and green seedlings, and worked tirelessly with the old cows on the side, raising his arms and sweating from time to time Newport Cigarettes. Despair and hatred in the fire a year ago turned into hope and effort for a new life. In order to build a new house for forty-three stone meters, the daughter of the beloved Shen family, the sixteen-year-old boy worked hard to cultivate the beautiful future of the heart. The quiet Qinglong Bridge just smiled with the young boy. The clear waters of the Qinglong Bridge are flowing down, and the spring and autumn are flowing, and a new guest is carried. The girl in the quaint awning boat is mysterious and dignified under the phoenix crown. She sat in the boat with her head down, glaring at the red dress, and her heart was upset with the bumpy cabin. The rain drizzle, the raindrops stirred up a circle in the water, and the young boy in the middle of the shirt stood up against the wind on the shore, and the palm of the grip was slightly wet. On this big day, Qinglong Bridge witnessed them, faint as old, smiled and filled the blessings, blessing the couple, as always, as in the future, then they have three children, each of which is in Qinglong Bridge. The squatting pro or married, like their parents, share the joy of life in the most splendid years with Qinglong Bridge. The youngest of them, my father said, I walked on the Qinglong Bridge from a young age, one back and forth, brought the mother, and another back and forth, there was me. Shortly after I was born, Xinqiao was built. The spacious and sturdy cement bridge has decorated the facade of the town, and everyone is proud of it and gradually no longer cares about the black stone bridge. But I always ran to the old Qinglong Bridge, feeling her warmth and embarrassment, and enjoying the kind of care she gave her with her father, just like our ancestors many years ago. I feel that she smiles at me and will hear her gentle words in her dreams, just like her elders. However, with the deepening of modernization, we moved away from the place where our ancestors lived for generations. We left the Qinglong Bridge. I think she must be very upset, people no longer need her. After the bridge, the ancestral home after the high-home fire bath Online Cigarettes, after all, did not keep it and became a factory of Taiwanese businessmen. They abandoned the useless things on the Qinglong Bridge. Her body was almost crushed and the stones were no longer hard. She gradually faded out of our lives. Even in her dreams, she is rarely seen. Three years later, the old place revisited, and it was only then that we discovered that she was already embarrassed - is that really our Qinglong Bridge? She is like a dying old man who has gone through a lot of hardships. She sees the last side of her descendants and sees a strange old man standing on the Qinglong Bridge. She waved her hand and stood there quietly smiling. With. This seems to be the scene I saw in my dreams.
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