#1 In the corner, in the stone von ylq 24.10.2019 03:52

In the corner, in the stone crack, no matter how poor the land, it has its figure, it is ordinary can not be ordinary, but its vigorous life infected the whole world after the spring rain, he can no longer endure the loneliness of the underground, Looking out, a fragile life was born. He vigorously developed upwards, plucked with nectar, and optimistic upward growth. Her waist was slender and weak, and she lived like a weak woman Newport 100S. However, this is not the case. Facing the storm, the waist of the grass Almost sticking to the ground, it is obviously unsupported. After the storm, he is already exhausted, but it still stands up and develops upwards Cheap Cigarettes. This is how strong the vitality is. "The wildfire is not burning, the spring breeze is born again." Heavy rain, or burning fire, can not beat the grass of the fighting spirit, he still uses his straight body to show people that fighting the wind and snow, not afraid of the bad morale, strong and extraordinary vitality spring to autumn The grass is also facing withered, but it does not bow like "Death" because he knows that the spring of the second year is a new beginning and a beautiful little age. Not just as students in the 21st century we do? It is full of vitality Parliament Cigarettes, showing strong vitality, deducting beautiful youth, what is difficult, let us take out the stubbornness and perseverance of the grass, fight out the sky that belongs to us, all difficulties will be like you bowing, this is the grass, this is The ordinary side of ordinary grass, her tenacity, his vigorous vitality, is always the light of our guidance, grass, I want to learn from you, I want to send you my most sincere p
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