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Fortunately for you, there are certain steps that you can take to ensure that you avoid ever experiencing a cameltoe. Just follow these simple hints and tips, and you should be able to do just that.

Avoid tight fitting apparel. Wearing tight fitting clothes is one sure fire way of getting a cameltoe. Cameltoes usually happens when a woman's labia majora is pressed on too hard on the clothes that she is wearing. Tight fitting clothes, especially those that have a very thin fabric and smooth texture, will do just that. Loose or not too fitting clothes help reduce the chances of cameltoe from forming, so try to pick or wear clothes that are not too constricting, especially in your nether regions.

Avoid weak fabrics. Wearing clothes that have weak fabrics, especially those that are tight fitting, such as leggings and spandex, is a sure fire way to get a cameltoe. Since these types of materials do not offer a proper layer of covering, a woman's labia majora will get outlined easily, thereby forming a cameltoe. Wear clothes that have fibers that are not too weak or thin in order to provide you with a layer of covering that prevent the formation of cameltoes.

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