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Legend has it that the goshawk smashed its mouth, broke its wings, smashed its two claws, stabbed its eyes, pulled out its feathers, and put it into a rolling magma. It has an infinite will, a firm belief, and can withstand thousands of pains without dying Marlboro Red. And the fire became a phoenix. Today, I have to give it a try. Yes, I am an eagle, a lonely, no relatives, a friend's eagle, my family are all dead, they saved me with their lives. Today, I am going to die too. I looked at the bloody wound and angrily squinted at the animals walking with my legs. They surrounded me, and the black holes were against me. I know, I will die. It is. However, I can't just die, I have to be worthy of death! I suddenly remembered the legend, I know where the volcano is, I have to give it a try! I tried my best to fly high when I was negligent, and I had a few bullets, so it hurts, but I have to insist. Fly to a cliff not far from the magma. I jerked, groaned, my mouth smashed, flew up, down, squatting, my claws broken, a painful, unspeakable pain, but there seemed to be a pillar in my heart that supported me like a pinnacle. I squatted for a while, slowly flew up, flew to the mouth of the magma, felt the heat of the bones, saw a sharp stone, the head slammed, and then sank, the blood stained red Marlboro Cigarettes, by feeling I used up the last force to fly up. Finally, I couldn��t hold it anymore, and fell down. Because the magma mouth didn��t have me big and I was flying high, so I slammed twice and they broke. I fell down and fell into the rolling magma. The flaming red swept the whole body. I thought it was a pity that I couldn��t make a sound. I wanted to struggle but I couldn��t move my body. I felt like I was cooked. I felt that I was too stupid. Believe in the legend, so painful. No, I have to insist, I want Nirvana! The heart seems to be cooked, the whole body is sorely numb, is it used to it, so I can't feel the pain? Let me endure it! Open your eyes, feeling the whole body is not comfortable, call, I shot up, try to stretch, I flew up, ah! I was pleasantly surprised to see this familiar mountain Cheap Cigarettes, water, and then look at this beautiful body, I succeeded! I am nirvana! I am swimming happily, and I feel like I have never been comfortable. I am born again. If you want to become a dragon, you need to pay a lot of effort from ordinary people, endure the pain that the ordinary people can't bear. If you want to endure the pain, you must have the determination to overcome the heavens and the earth, the perseverance of the sea, the invincible belief, no pain and effort. Where is the success? Who said that there was no glory after the pain. Phoenix Nirvana, rebirth!

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