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Everyone will have growth. Growth is not only a change in height and weight, but also a psychological growth. It was a rainy day, and I walked home with a heavy schoolbag. I didn't bring an umbrella. The rain hit my face, and it fell down my cheeks. The hazy sky set off my sadness and dissatisfaction. Here's what happened: That morning, the teacher issued the newly revised test paper. I picked up my test paper and found that there was only one blank question. I glanced at the papers of others. Huh? Why is the answer to this question the same as mine Newport Cigarettes Coupons, but he is right, and I am wrong? I was extremely dissatisfied. When the teacher talked about this, I sat at my seat and shouted at her, "Teacher, you should wear glasses, look at your look, and correct everything wrong!" As a result, the whole class made everyone laugh. . The teacher was obviously irritated by my casual behavior, and said aloud, "How can you talk casually in class!" "But you really made a mistake." I replied without weakness. The teacher walked to me, pointed at the test paper and said, "You have changed it!" Then she walked back to the podium and continued to comment on the test paper. I finally returned to my home before I became a chicken, and told my father what had happened in school. I saw my dad smiling and said to me, "Sometimes, life is like a mirror. If you smile at the mirror, the person in the mirror will smile at you. And if you get angry at the mirror Marlboro Gold, the person in the mirror will also smile at you Lose your temper. You can talk to the teacher in another way tomorrow, maybe with different results. You should learn to grow up! "My father's words made me seem to understand something, and I decided to try again tomorrow. The next day, I came to the school early in the morning, walked to the teacher, handed her the test paper, and said to her softly Wholesale Cigarettes, "Teacher, I was bad yesterday. I was not polite to you, I was wrong. However, I really got the test paper I did n��t change that question. I did the right thing. ��The teacher looked at the test paper carefully, smiled at me, and changed my grade back to 100 points. Then I knew that Dad gave it last night. The teacher called, communicated with the teacher, and apologized to the teacher for my behavior. From this, I learned to be polite and I grew up.
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