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Bi Shumin is not only a famous writer, she is also a kind and lovely mother. In the article "Into the North," Bi Shumin's motherhood and her son's teachings are more vividly reflected. At that time, the Beijing Library was the largest library, where there was a variety of different types of books, but there were regulations: only open to adults. I don't know if she inherited Bi Shumin. Her son reads books with a passion and is full of curiosity and curiosity about literature. When he was a teenager when he was a teenager, Bi Shumin had to take his son to ��mix in�� Beitu with his hard request to satisfy his child ��s desire to explore the book. This article mainly describes the process from Bi Shumin to his son entering Beitu and reading. It details the process of entry. In the process, psychological descriptions and vivid action descriptions were used, showing the mother and son's fear of being spotted, but the son was also anxious to read the complicated mood of reading. After getting in, his son couldn't wait to read all the books in the library, so he left reluctantly until the library closed Carton Of Cigarettes.The so-called: The world is as big as the heart. In Bi Shumin's article, he fully realized his de the expo book ideal. Indeed, time in our teenage years was very precious. In our studies, we did n��t just listen to the events outside the window and read only the holy books. Instead, we went a lot. With rich experience and experience, we were able to Let you realize that the world is all-encompassing. In your youth, why not expand your field and work hard for your dreams, like Bi Shumin's son, with ambition: "When you grow up, you must enter the North Map from the main entrance brightly, because that is the channel for VIPs. A story is quoted in the following: A Korean country in Weifu passed a piece of farmland in a private visit Parliament Cigarettes. During a break, he saw a farmer driving two cows to cultivate the land. Then he asked the farmer which of the two cows is better? When he took the cow aside to graze Marlboro Red, he came over and whispered in Xiang Guo's ear and said softly, "The other side is better. "Xian Guo is very strange. Ask, why do you have such a small voice? The farmer replied: If I answer loudly, although the cows do not speak, they will still see from my gesture voice that I am evaluating them. Excellent, but it also does its best, it knows it will be sad. After reading this, I feel ashamed that a farmer treats a cow who can't speak but works hard, and is so loving and respectful, it is trying to maintain their self-esteem. How fortunate is Niu to encounter such a kind, quiet, righteous, and considerate owner. The ancients often used the phrase "playing the piano against cows" to ridicule a person's clumsiness and stupidity, but the farmer expressed his point of view and position: Niu Zai Stupid, emotional, and dignified, we have no reason or qualification to discredit it and despise it. It reaches everyone, officials and ordinary people, elders and juniors, teachers and students, parents and children, rich and poor, all It involves similar links. When encountering such a thing, can we calmly come to a "speak out"? At least I Not good enough. In the face of very stubborn student violations, I always can't help raising my voice. A little more anger, a little less understanding and tolerance. Some students feel that they repeatedly stressed in an exam, some students When it still appears, there is always less patience and a little bit of indignation. At that time, the words always seem a bit sharp. It always hurts the students who have realized the mistakes. The students who have hurt the students have been inferior for their grades The ideal and self-blame heart, I did not achieve the farmer's pity for the weak dignity of the students. The human heart is fragile and soft, not as hard and fire-resistant as steel, because the human heart is soft, so Different from other things, talents are moved, kind, kind and affectionate, and because of this, people are more vulnerable. Not everyone is so good and excellent. There are strengths and weaknesses in the fingers. We can't ignore its role because of the shortness of the thumb. , We ca n��t think it is omnipotent because of the length of the index finger. We must learn to face all the advantages and disadvantages of others, not mean or despise Not encourage, not exaggerated, practical, to perceive everything with love.
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