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Bi Shumin said in her prose collection that melancholy is an onion close at hand, exuding a unique and spicy flavor, and tearing away its tightly adhered scales. After reading an article in Bi Shumin's Prose Collection Marlboro Red, I learned how to deal with depression. The article tells that a friend working at the United Nations told Bi Shumin that she had been to a refugee camp in the flames of war and was holding a small child. She clutched the little body tightly and kissed her dry cheek. A friend is a loving mother who loves children and has embraced countless children in her warm embrace. But this time, she was greatly horrified. The baby was like an onion tube that had been roasted by fire, weak and empty. She didn't know the person who caressed her, didn't respond with any joy, but passively stiffened her body backwards, like a white tile about to fall off the wall. My friend was very anxious. I called the person in charge of the refugee camp and asked if the child was sick or hungry, and why he was so indifferent. The person in charge replied that because of the UN's funding, the child had no problem eating and wearing, and was not sick. She was an orphan, and her parents died. What a child lacks is love. From childhood to age, no one has held her. Because she didn't know what "holding" was, she didn't respond. Friends talked about the past and said with emotion, I don't know how this child will go through life when he grows up. No one answered, but foreseeably, there must be a deep melancholy in her character. We all know depression. Everyone, at some point in their lives, met the melancholy. I'm still young. I'm only 14 years old this year. I haven't experienced any parting of life and death. It seems that I have always been very happy in my life. I don't understand what is melancholy, but in my little heart, there are some melancholy hidden. My sports have always been bad, it may be because of asthma, and my sports scores have always been countdown in the class. I have no confidence in myself. When I think of sports results, I feel sad and feel my heart sinking. I sighed and sighed all day, sighing how bad my sports was Carton Of Cigarettes, but I never thought about how to improve, I could only immerse myself in depression. As Bi Shumin said, melancholy is like an old dog, chasing people's heels faithfully and tirelessly. But that time, I challenged myself and got rid of the "old dog". Every time I have to run 800 meters in school, I always find all kinds of excuses to escape. Even if I run, I will end up halfway. But the 800-meter test that time, I can't escape. How much courage it takes me to face difficulties. Walking on that scarlet track, sweat soaked my white T-shirt, my feet seemed to be heavy, and every step I took took a lot of effort. I tried to give up again and again, but I clenched my teeth and insisted. In the end, I succeeded. I crossed the finish line. Although the score was still the last countdown, but that time made me understand. It turned out that I was OK, and I could stick to it. I have worked hard and my performance can be improved. Since then, I get up and run every morning to improve my sports a little bit. I never sigh again. Whenever melancholy follows, I insist on moving forward and forward, and I know that as long as I keep running in front of it and not let it pass me, I can throw it away Cheap Cigarettes. I believe that one day, my sports results will get better and the ending of that article is unexpected. The child has grown up, just like all foresight, she was melancholy, but she was not scared by melancholy. She tried to get rid of it a little bit, and finally she succeeded. Not only did she get rid of the shadow of childhood, but also Become the owner of a listed company, with great success. We always avoid things that make us difficult. In the face of setbacks, we are always immersed in depression, and gradually, we become more and more inferior and can not stand any setbacks. Don't laugh at melancholy, melancholy is a normal emotion in the face of loss. Don't deny our depression, it will make us grow. Don't be besieged by depression for a long time, depression will shrink us. Don't be intimidated by depression, we who are free from depression will be softer and stronger. If melancholy is an onion, then we cut it open and face it, don't be scared by it. After tears, we will become tougher and have a more beautiful sky.

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