#1 During a wagon wheel turning the wheelset preliminary von usasmokingsale 03.01.2020 07:37

40V voltage is tapped off the battery by a portable copper cable of 40 mm???2 and applied to rheostat terminals.

During a wagon wheel turning the wheelset preliminary should be lifted by 30 t lifting capacity hydraulic jack and leveled against railhead by 15-25 mm.

Support is placed under the wheel being turned.

An actuator is placed under the opposite wheel of the wheelset.

One jack is placed on the surface of the support body, another - at the level of the surface of the actuator body Wholesale Cigarettes Online.

The jacks are the basic fixing link between the support and actuator roller against the wheelset turned.

The device is connected to 220 V AC, 40 V and 100 A power supply.

With the aid of the rheostat the actuator roller rotation rate is set to minimal - 100 r/min Cheap Cigarettes Online USA.

According to the principle of friction gear the actuator roller is brought to contact with the wheel tread, the rheostat increases the actuator roller rotation rate and the rotation rate of the wheel turned is brought up to 200-240 r/min.

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