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Last fall, the school organized an autumn tour. When we heard the good news, we were very excited. Some classmates pose for victory; others clap their hands and applaud; others happily dance. I hate having to go home, and flew to the place to play at once. Early the next morning, we came to the school early to gather. There are more than a dozen luxury tourist buses parked in front of the school already waiting for us. We lined up in the classroom and got on the bus, and the car set off to Nanjing Science and Technology Museum with us. At the Science and Technology Museum, our sister tour guide took us to the Earth Vientiane Exhibition Hall. Here, we have successively experienced earthquake simulation and flood simulation. What impressed me the most is the earthquake simulation mokingusacigarettes.com. The simulation site was a big dark room, and the only bright light was a TV set about 3 meters away. When our classmates all stepped on a large cube in the middle of the room, and some hands hadn't had time to grab the fence, the "earthquake" began. The big square underneath sometimes moves up and down; sometimes it swings left and right; sometimes tilts and sometimes rotates ... Several timid classmates in the class have been frightened and yelled. Suddenly, I heard the sound of the collapse of the building from the TV equipment again Parliament Cigarettes. That kind of sound was so weird that the ghosts and gods were so terrified, so terrifying that I couldn't dare to let out the tense atmosphere, as if my breathing would stop. Seeing that the earthquake has brought so many devastating disasters to mankind, I really feel that the earthquake is terrible Cigarettes For Sale. From now on, I want to advocate that everyone loves the earth and work hard to protect our only living place, the earth. In the afternoon, we came to the beginning of a small tree. A classmate grabbed the fallen leaves on the ground and threw them into the air. The fallen leaves were floating slowly in the air, giving people a beautiful feeling! As a result, more and more people joined the game of falling leaves. Even the teacher was attracted. For a time, countless fallen leaves flew in the air. Some leaves fell into the neck of the child; some were hidden in the hat of the child; some even got into the sleeve of the child; and a leaf fell into my mouth ... Haha, it's really interesting! The more we played, the more excited we were, the laughter echoed in the grove under the deep autumn for a long time. Although the autumn tour was far away from us, I will never forget the day of the autumn tour.

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