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Now many male friends like to smoke, whether it is the pressure of work or the troubles in life, they like to smoke a cigarette to decompress. However, in order to make more profits, many vendors will choose to sell some fake cigarettes, which will be very harmful to our health. How to distinguish the authenticity of cigarettes? Come and learn. 1. Rub a cellophane. Whether it is flexible packaging or hard packaging, cellophane is outsourced. When buying cigarettes, you can rub the cellophane on the cigarette case with your hands Marlboro Gold. It is true that the cigarette case cellophane will not wrinkle any way, and the surface is smooth. The cellophane on the surface of the fake cigarette case is made of a disposable film, and the film on the top will be elastically wrinkled as soon as it is rubbed Newport Cigarettes Coupons.
2. Shake. When we buy cigarettes, we can shake it. It really feels that there is something shaking inside the cigarette, obviously. The fake cigarette shakes to be more real, there is no sound inside. 3. One fold. Take a cigarette from the cigarette box and fold it in half. If it is a fake cigarette, the cigarette will be broken when it is folded, but the real cigarette is constantly folded. Because the cigarette paper of real smoke is very tough Marlboro Cigarettes, it is difficult to break.
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