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A white cloud floats across the blue sky, and the Xiangjiang River slowly descends north under the blue sky; in the quiet and deep alleys, the soul of the genius is immersed in the lush green mountains, which illuminate the school that has stood for thousands of years...jiang is still Xiangjiang, Yuelu is still Yuelu, and Jiayi��s former residence is located in a quiet alley. pass by the gates of the former residence, and sometimes stop to pay tribute to the vicissitudes of the millennium.all green bamboo bushes cover the pavilion at the corner of the small courtyard, and one or two bluegrass stretches to the bottom of the pillar. pavilion is on the left side of the yard and there is a well in the pavilion. "I don't know the old part of Wangcheng, Changhuai is still well." Changhuai, through the millennium of time and space, came from the ancient civilization. It silently watched the changes in the world.nue to go inside, there is a tablet in front of you. The inscription clearly records the bit by bit of Jia Yi's life. His bitterness, grief and regrets leave us with endless delusions. Look at the tall statue of Jia Yi in the room, and look like an ancient scholar. On both sides of the room, the essays on the huge bamboo slips were written on the huge bamboo slips.the first year of the Han Dynasty, Jia Yi was recruited into the DPRK under the recommendation of the teacher Wu Tingzhuo Buy Us Marlboro Online. Since then, the 22-year-old Jia Yi has embarked on a career path and became a member of the Western Han Dynasty political group. Emperor Wen of the Han Dynasty was very important to Jia Yi. After he was promoted to the doctor of Taichung Newport Cartons Sold In The Usa, he discussed with the ministers and wanted to promote him to the public secretary, but he was opposed by the ministers. Since then, Emperor Wen of the Han Dynasty began to alienate Jia Yi and sent him to Tai Fu, the king of Changsha. Jia Yi, who was politically frustrated, bid farewell to the capital and came to Changsha. Because of this, Changsha��s land of such a beautiful show ushered in such a talent.e is also a corridor at one end of the yard, with words on the walls hanging by famous poets from all ages. In the hallway, I can't help but think that the change of former Changsha was a wild land, and the car was not accessible. Although there is a beautiful scenery of "Xiangjiang North, Yuelu South", but it is remote, desolate and backward.ay, Changsha has become the political, cultural and economic center of Hunan, becoming a mega city and transforming into a modern city. Yi had hoped to return to Chang'an and continue to shoulder the heavy responsibility of the world. But if he can see the appearance of Changsha City through time and space, will he still yearn for Chang'an?ough Jia Yi has ambitious ambitions, but the time is not good, the end of depression.
walked quietly through the historic sites, I feel deeply. I have heard that the Gulangyu Island in Xiamen is very fun. This is not. This summer, my parents took me to Gulangyu, Xiamen. I finally had the privilege of seeing her.arriving in Xiamen, we are going to take a boat to Gulangyu. We bought the ticket and got on the boat, and the field of vision immediately became wider. I saw the waves hitting the coast, and the sound was like an elegant piano piece. The endless sea reflects the blue sky, and the beach under the sun is golden. This is the second time I saw Gulangyu. I excitedly shouted forward to the front: Gulangyu, I am coming!stening to the tour guide said that Gulangyu is known as the "sea garden", because there is a hollow boulders on the island, the waves are beaten, and its sound is like a drum, hence the name "Gulangyu". As soon as I set foot on the island, a leafy eucalyptus came into view. The roots are entrenched, and the roots of the eucalyptus are inextricably linked. The sea breeze blowing in the air makes people feel refreshed. Along the secluded path, the city's phoenix trees are tall and straight, and the leaves are green and light. Some are like the phoenix welcoming the sun, some are like the phoenix, and some are like the phoenix. It��s like a phoenix bowing down Wholesale Cigatettes. Standing on the top of the mountain overlooking the sea, the sea has formed in front of my eyes - the line, the sea and the sky, the beautiful scenery, the ears, the ears, and the waves. "����" sounds.
underwater world of Gulangyu is an eye-opener. Ferocious sharks, clever dolphins, dull penguins... all-powerful. I was deeply impressed by the strolling among the colorful fish Newport Cigarettes Coupons For Sale, the horned horned fish, the glowing fluorescent fish, and the cute clownfish.n, as night fell, the "Island of Music" was filled with wonderful piano sounds. The sound of the mellow music echoes in the ear, when it is light, it is like a spring water; when it is soothing, it is like a flowing water, which makes people forget to return. Gulangyu put on all his "jewelry" and dressed himself up beautifully Newport Soft Pack Carton. Looking at this beautiful treasure, I can't help but get drunk.

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