#1 In a word, it is difficult von ylq 25.03.2019 03:07

In a word, it is difficult to tell the heart to leave, a song, it is difficult to grieve in the heart, a table, difficult to understand the heart of anger. In the daytime, turning around, turning around the crowd, groping, people's seven emotions, six desires occupy all, stumbled, even nose and face swollen, can not, wipe, the world is ignorant of me, confirm. I, squinting, looking up, the sky in the distance, stunned and distant, silent, just want to face the world, shouting never to count the hair on the shoulders Buy Newport 100S Online, that is, it is difficult to count the existence, if it is obsessive The elapsed time is also difficult to count. However, a clever person, at an unknown moment, counts the time, from the existence of ignorant chaos into the existence of time and space, and I follow the footsteps of the ancestors, in the illusory existence, the deep sea tour Fish, swinging and swinging, I don��t know where to go. The road under my feet, swaying through the material desire, shaking my eyes, I am squatting on the side of the road, thinking: Where to go. The chaotic back, the hurried steps, the cumbersome bag, stimulated my sensitive nerves, I, after all, fragile, turned around, found a piece of green shade, carrying books, quietly, enjoying the time slipping from the fingers The stars are changing, the chest, the clouds are stacked, turning around, looking at the living things, the heart, has been as clear as the deep pool, light smile, whisper: all sentient beings, I stick to my heart. Self-contained, it is the Lingyun Zhuangzhi, which is a direct-hanging cloud-sail-stricken sea. It is a free-spirited wisdom from the east to the sea. It is the unconventional world that has no wind and rain and no clearness. "The clear existence. This, the world, is the heart that reminds me of the pages of yellow paper that I have encountered by chance in the sea of ??books. They talk about the original desires and the original evils in silence, and also clarify that the lazy is headed Duty Free Marlboro Cigarettes. I realize that it is not the world that is galloping, but that smart people are stealing time, dominating life Cheap Newport Cigarettes Wholesale, and doing extraordinary things in their lifetimes. Therefore, they feel that they have achieved themselves and found themselves. The meaning of existence, the drunkenness of the paper, the indulging in a hundred years of leisure, can never surpass life. In this vast sea of ??people, what am I? I don't know, maybe I will know a little when I am dying, but this is a sad existence, a shackle of life and death, a hundred years of inaction. This is the inferiority of human nature, the deadly poison that the layman can't get rid of. It is the soul of Satan. Even if it is so terrible, there are still cute people shouting for it Carton Of Marlboro Red 100S. For this reason, I just tried to make this. The world is clearer. I am deeply savvy: the ancients are all lonely. Walking in the world Newport 100S Carton Price, knowing me, who, knowing me, who, I am quietly standing, just for coming, holding a spring breeze, going to the world of intelligent people, stopping, squatting, meditating, eyesight, and then stepping Journey.

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