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When I grow up, I can only run. How frightened I am, falling in the dark. Tomorrow Hello, this song with tears in my eyes, I often hum, at that time I have mixed feelings. Today I was admitted to Shuren, but that was also obtained through a process. In the second semester of fifth grade, I had only 54 points in mathematics. On that day, I cried for a long time Parliament Cigarettes, and my parents said nothing, how disappointed I was. Later, I practiced madly every day and bought 4 sets of materials. I originally wanted to make a big splash on the next exam. I did n��t know that it was a terrible result Marlboro Cigarettes. When I got home, I locked myself in the room and stopped crying. I sat in front of the mirror and saw that the hair in the mirror was messy and my face had a lot of tears. I thought, I worked so hard, why can't I get good results? This is my life, I don't care. However, I changed my mind and thought, why can't I succeed, do I really fall like this? I took good care of myself, smiled at the person in the mirror, and hummed, "When I grow up, I can only run." I said, "Even if I fail, I can't give up. Later, I no longer focus on the exercises More, but instead pay attention to whether I have mastered everything. It was several failures, several smiles and encouragement, and several summary reflections. Later, when I got those 96 points I laughed happily, for my own efforts; for my own experience; for my own progress. So when you give up, why shouldn't you bet on yourself? Smile to yourself and meditate to yourself Cheap Cigarettes, You can. Life is always like this, "Bao Jianfeng emerged from the grind, and the plum blossoms came from the bitter cold. If it weren't for the cold, how could plum blossoms smell? "Even if there will be a trough in junior high school, I will survive it with a smile." When I grow up, I can only run. How frightened I am, falling in the dark. Hello tomorrow, smile with tears ... "This song, I often hum and immerse in it, because it is a song written for me, but also a song I wrote
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