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New Year's Eve is a day to resign from the old and welcome the new, and there is a festive atmosphere everywhere. After the 2013 Year of the Snake, the 2014 Year of the Horse is celebrated. New Year's Eve is the most anticipated by everyone. New Year's Eve is here, everyone is busy and happy. Posting Spring Festival couplets Newport 100S, hanging lanterns, dumplings, dumplings, buying firecrackers, fireworks, firecrackers and other customs, children like to lead New Year's money. On the morning of New Year ��s Eve this year, we were at the grandfather ��s house. I and my six friends at home finished breakfast together to buy firecrackers and fireworks. The adults also followed us to buy spring couplets and other things. After all kinds of firecrackers, follow the adults to go shopping on the street, the street is really lively! Zhang Deng knotted, every household fired firecrackers, crackling, we strolled all morning, bought a lot of things, carried home in small bags. It's eleven o'clock when we get home. After we put down our things, the uncles and dad sat on the bed to watch TV. The mother-in-law and mother and several sister-in-laws were cooking in the kitchen. My sister and my brother played badminton in the dam. Soon our mother told us to eat, many delicious: carp, delicious rice, pork ribs ... greedy our mouth water. After lunch, when grandma said dumpling dumplings, I immediately got into the kitchen like a bunny. Grandma put the prepared dough and stuffing, grandfather, grandmother, and mother around and put them on the table. Then he said: There are many stuffings, what to eat and what to eat. Everyone gathered around, and I wanted to wrap it too mokingusacigarettes.com. After washing my hands, I picked up a dough and put it on the table. I rolled out the dumpling skin with a rolling pin. After rolling, I put the red bean paste in the dumpling skin and pinched it together by hand A baby dumpling was born. I continued to wrap, and soon filled a basket of dumplings. Unconsciously, it was already dark, and my family and I set firecrackers upstairs. I first put a jade girl to sprinkle flowers and spray colorful fireworks Marlboro Cigarettes. I'm a little scared, I still ignited the skyrocket and lifted it up to the sky, and the fireworks rang out continuously ... At eight o'clock, my family and I watched the Spring Festival Gala on the sofa on time. The hosts were Zhang Guoli, Zhu Jun, Dong Qing, Bi Fujian and Li Sisi. The opening song is to think that your 365 days are performed by Li Min, Zhang Liangying, Sha Baoliang, Lin Zhixuan. There are elegant and beautiful songs, funny sketches, magical magic, my favorite "Love is not enough" is Songs by Taiwanese singer Yu Chengqing and Korean popular idol Lee Min Ho. It was early in the morning, fireworks and sky were everywhere, firecrackers were crackling, ushering in the new year, looking forward to the beginning of the year of the horse.
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